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This is part of the subject of technical studies in informatics SMX (Sistemes Microinformàtics i Xarxes).

You can find here contents for the subject.

I recommend the following book to follow the course:

Aplicaciones web
Editorial McGraw-Hill
Authors: R.V. Lerma-Blasco, J.A. Murcia, R.Juncos, E. Misfund


Will be done along the academic year, in parallel with the rest of UFs.

UF5 will be done along the year all the Wednesdays. People that cannot come on Wednesday have to complete the tasks at home (indicated in the moodle site).

UF1: Online office


Some theory:

Online office and groupware:

Desktop web applications:

UF2: Online file sharing

UF3: Content Management Systems (CMSs)

For the rest of the course we'll need to publish our works. You will need to set up a domain name and hosting service. It can be free or not (it's up to you to pay if you don't want to have advertisements in your website).

UF4: E-learning

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