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The Google Calendar service is a good way to organise and synchronise your agenda. You can sync with your mobile (iPhone, Android, Symbian, etc.) as well as your desktop computer environment with Evolution and Microsoft Outlook.

Remember that you have two methods to manage your meetings with people:

  • Shared calendar
  • Invitations

Shared calendar[modifica]

You have to create a calendar and take care of the administration (sharing) of the other users. Depending on the permissions, the users can:

  • Level 0: Read the calendar to know if you are busy or free.
  • Level 1: Read all info and create events
  • Level 2: Read all info, create events and administrate sharing permissions of the calendar.


  • All people see all the events and information.
  • Simpler for organizing complex schedules.


  • People can modify events of other people increasing responsibility of users. I wouldn't use it for a teenager's class ;P
  • Needs more administration for the calendar owner (setup).
  • You don't have a confirmation of each particular person.


You can create an event and invite to a person. The invited person has to confirm the event.


  • Simpler (no setup needed)
  • Confirmation for each meeting and user


  • Someone can invite you to an hour that you're busy. It can be solved using a public calendar (just showing busy/free), but it requires more setup for the two users.
  • Complex for a large group of users.