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This exercise will help you to get started with Joomla!

You just need to have a fresh Joomla! installation running in your server.

For this exercise you need to do GROUPS OF 3 PEOPLE.

Better if you change language of the admin backend to English in:

  • Extensions -> Language Manager -> Administrator


  1. Create 1 section (site) with (at least) 2 categories, for example, cars and vans. For that, use:
    • Content -> Section Manager
    • Content -> Category Manager
  2. Add the 2 categories to the "Main Menu" with:
    • Menus -> Main Menu -> New
    • Internal link -> Articles -> Category List Layout
      (Blog format is nicer than List but doesn't allow to create content)
    • Select the category


  1. Enable the upload of images granting 777 permissions to the folder "images/stories".
  2. Create 1 article in one of the categories and upload a photo to test it with:
    • Content -> Article Manager -> Add
  3. Put the category to your article and put it in the front page.

CREATE USERS[modifica]

Create 4 users in you Joomla! with the following rights and language: (username,password)

  • Sanvi (sanvi,sanvi): publisher, english
  • Barcelona (barcelona,barcelona): publisher, catalan
  • Girona (girona,girona): author, catalan
  • Lleida (lleida,lleida): author, catalan
  • Tarragona (tarragona,tarragona): author, english


  1. Enable the login box in the frontend (v.1.5) in:
    • Extensions -> Module Manager -> Add -> Login
  2. If you want to disable account activation by email (for example, your server doesn't have email service) you can do it in:
    • (v.1.5) Site -> Global Configuration -> System -> User Settings -> New User Account Activation (set it to "NO").
    • (v.1.6) Users -> User Manager -> Options -> New User Accout Activation (set it to "None").
  3. Create a new user registering from the site's frontend.
  4. Give it author rights with administrator (backend).
  5. Test it creating an article (you have to publish it with the administrator).
  6. Create a new user (frontend) in YOUR FRIENDS' JOOMLA! INSTALLATION (remember you have at least 2 friends).
  7. Ask your friend to give you Author rights in his site and create 1 article.
  8. Give Author rights to your friends.


  1. Create 1 article in each of your friends' site.
  2. Ask your friend to publish your article.
  3. Publish your friends' articles in your site.