Setting up a free website

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To have a website running you will need two different things:

  1. Domain name
  2. Hosting service

Subscribing free domain name and free hosting service[modifica]

Most providers let you subscribe the two services at the same time. If we want to have a completely free system, we'll need to fowllow this procedure:

  1. Choose your domain name and hosting service providers. For the example, we'll use:
  2. Make sure that is not registered in
  3. Subscribe the free hosting service (our example is
  4. *In the example we can choose to set up a domain name or a subdomain. Choose your own domain name.
  5. Take note of the DNS names of the hosting service (something like and
  6. Go to the free domain service provider and register your domain. Our example provide will be so your domain must be (ending in .tk).
    • When getting into the configuration set the DNSs to the ones indicated by your hosting service provider (something like and
    • Wait 30 minutes to have the service set up and running.

Uploading your first webpage[modifica]

Obviously you will need to create an index.html page first of all (with your name, welcome message, a picture, etc).

Finally, create your own web page with your name, a picture, etc. You'll access your hosting via FTP:

  • In the hosting service, search in the account information for:
    • FTP username: something like a801xxx
    • Password: (the same for your account, will not be displayed)
    • Servername: somehting like
  • Connect via FTP to your provider:
    • In GNU/Linux: open a nautilus, do CTRL+L to set the location and put:
      For our case will be something like ftp://[email protected]
  • Go to the public_html' folder.
  • Delete the index.php .
  • Upload your index.html file with your information.