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It is possible to create online forms to create polls among your friends or work collaborators. You can choose different types of questions:

Exemple de Google Forms (editant)

Open answers:

  • Short text.
    Exemples: name, city, email, etc.
  • Long (paragraph) text.
    Exemples: explanation, opinion, "what do you think about", feedback, etc.

Closed answers: (are better for making statistics)

  • Multiple choice: several choices but just one possible answer.
    Example: age (1-10, 10-20, 20-30, etc.), gender (male/female), etc.
  • Checkboxes: similar to multiple choice but you can select several at the same time.
    Example: languages you can speak (catalan, spanish, english, german, russian, french, arabic, others)
  • Choose from a list: the same of multiple choice but with a popup menu.

Rating answers: (you can qualify a question with a grade in a scale)

  • Scale: you give a rate to your opinion.
    Example: Rate your satisfaction with our product (1: bad - 5: very good).
  • Grid: a set of questions about something with the same rate style.
    Example: rate wich of these applications you know/use:
    • Grades (columns): 1=never heard about it, 2=I've heard about it but never used, 3=I used it once, 4=rarely, 5=once a month, 6=every day
    • Questions (rows): Firefox, Gimp, Audacity, Wireshark, Apache, Cubase, Final Cut


3 things you can do with your poll:

  • Send it to polled people/group (just emailing the link).
  • Share it with friends to see the results or edit the questions.
  • Check the answers in a spreadsheet.
  • See the statistics: in the spreadsheet go to FORM -> SHOW SUMMARY OF RESPONSES